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How do I pay my fees online?

Infinite Campus Parent Portal has a section available to pay your fees online. There is no fee to use this convenient service. You may access it via the "Pay My Fees" link above


I have several fees showing up that have OPT in front of the fee. What does OPT mean? I don’t want or need these items.

OPT stands for ‘Optional’. These fees are made available for you to pay online if you want to. They are not required.


What is the 'OPT-Athletic Pass' that is showing up for my student?

An Optional Fee, the Athletic Pass gives students admission to all athletic events at Jeffco facilities (excluding state playoffs) throughout the year. The cost of the pass is $60 and can result in significant savings over the course of the school year. The normal cost for students is $4.00/game.


If you purchased an Athletic Pass online, you must bring a copy of the receipt with you in order to have the Athletic Pass added to  the student’s ID. If you pay for the activity ticket after pictures are taken, please go to the financial office to get the activity sticker. Evergreen Middle School will not be responsible for refunds for admission to games if you do not have your Athletic Sticker on your student id.


What is the Technology Fee? My student isn't in a Technology class.

The Technology Fee is a district-wide fee that is charged to all students. This fee supports the 1:1 Tech4Ed device program.  It helps to cover the cost of the device, case, and online tools. For more information regarding school fees please select the "District Fees Explained" link above. 


I see fees for classes which my student is going to transfer out. How do I get that corrected?

At the beginning of each trimester, the student schedules can change daily. Please don't pay fees for classes if you think your student will be transferring out. Fees are generated two to three times a week to keep up with the schedule changes. By week two of the trimester, the fees should stabilize.


My student’s record shows that a fine is owed and I don’t know anything about it! 

Your student was notified about the fine prior to the end of the school year. If he/she thinks it was cleared up, the Financial Secretary needs a note from the staff person that issued the fine in order to remove it. Please have your student work with that person to get the fine cleared up. 


Can I set up a payment plan? 

While we don't have official payment plans, it is okay to pay a few fees at a time. A suggestion would be to pay the course related fees first, then pay other fees as you have funds. This way, the fees become much more manageable. If there is a single fee that is too large to pay all at once, please email the Financial Secretary indicating how you would like to break up the fee.

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